“Cryptocurrency Exchange, FTX, Collapses Leaving a Trail of Liability In Its Wake”

The Run-Down: The Bahamas-based, celebrity-backed, cryptocurrency exchange FTX collapsed after failures to maintain corporate control Why You Should Care: Another cryptocurrency company bites the dust. As we’ve seen, the crypto industry is facing major challenges as it grows and transforms. Under massive scrutiny from the SEC and DOJ, companies need to cross their T’s and […]

U.S. Announces New Carbon Credit Plan to Lessen Developing Countries Use of Fossil Fuels

The Run-Down: A new carbon credit plan has been introduced, with the goal of reducing developing countries’ dependence on fossil fuels Why You Should Care: This announcement is stirring up quite a controversy. Investors are weary, citing the fact that the carbon-credit market, worth $2 billion, is currently unregulated. This worries critics who question the quality […]

Biden Administration Focuses Efforts to Control Fees and Hidden Costs in Variety of Industries

The Run-Down: President Biden announced new measures his administration will be taking to cut down costs imposed on consumers The steps include reducing fees included in concert tickets, hotel resorts, airfare and cable companies This follows the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s move to limit bank overdraft fees, which Biden says will save consumers more than […]

Bank Chief Executives Express Concern Over U.S. Economy

The Run-Down: Chief executives at some of the largest banks in the U.S. expressed worries regarding the risks of high inflation and rising interest rates at a House lawmaker hearing this week CEOs answered questions about new proposed federal regulations while also dodging following up on prior pushback to a potential new firearm code identifier […]

Living Your Best Life Starts with Effective Communication Habits

Communication is a fundamental human expression. Which is why it is an essential element of every interaction, and why it’s the basis of design for all systems. Like most people, I’ve struggled with it greatly, and still do. I can’t tell you the number of personal interactions that have left me going “wtf” afterward. Or […]

Why Does Misconduct Persist? Two Underlying Forces Shaping Unethical Practices

Do You Wonder Why Unethical Practices Persist Despite Increased Public and Regulatory Scrutiny? These 2 underlying forces shape corporate misconduct. How come, despite so much visibility and surveillance mechanisms, so many large organizations and their managers still manage to sustain unethical conduct? From the massive frauds perpetuated at Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, Theranos, to the sexual […]

Cultivating a “Just” “Safety” Culture

Cultivating a “Just” “Safety” Culture  To operate effectively as organizations become more interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated, the modern leader must augment their management capacity and pay attention to devices for reducing conflict.   On Conflict and Differences.   An inherent element of all social relationships and institutions including businesses is human conflict. As individuals, our different personalities, values, needs, and interests, can and often creates expectations and perceptions that usually results in experiences of conflict […]

Moving Management Oversight Forward

Dear Leaders and Managers: Oversight Intelligence (OI) is Your Ally MEETING THE CHALLENGE THROUGH RISK-BASED DECISION MAKING The operating landscape has changed over the last decade. Several factors in particular have introduced change into the NAS. This includes new aerospace designs and technologies (e.g., Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)), changes in the FAA’s surveillance and oversight […]