Controlling Change: Harnessing Intuition, Experience, and Hard Work to Enable Growth

Change is hard. That’s pointing out the obvious, right? But seriously! Accepting change, facilitating change, and maybe even hardest of all, putting change into motion, hurls at you a litany of emotions you might not have even known you had. The challenges can feel insurmountable, unpredictable and unknown. The difficulties you face may feel like whatever is on the other end won’t even be worth it. But if there’s one thing about change – is that it’s a constant. 

As silly as that sounds, change is inevitable. It’s going to always come when you least expect it. When you least want it. And it may not bring about anything that you want. But it’s going to happen, regardless if you’re welcoming it with open arms.

But, taking control of change is possible. In fact, it’s easier than you may think.

Now, we’re not into that toxic positivity over here. We’re not saying you have to be thrilled about something coming along and messing up your day, or week, or month, or maybe even year. We get it – it sucks. And you can, and should, acknowledge that. Wallow in it. Grieve it. 

But then, when you’re ready, do something with that energy (right now you’re thinking “easier said than done”, and trust me, I agree). Traditionally, we’re taught to resist change. Every day responsibilities of life require a semblance of consistency. Businesses are built to withstand anything, to become pillars of an industry. I mean, really, how many times have we rolled our eyes at antiquated systems that don’t work for us anymore? Whether it be the subway line you take to work breaking down every week, your boss asking you to use a program that requires 10 extra, unnecessary steps… we can recognize that change is not only necessary sometimes, but actually good.

And self confidence is the best way to handle it. Lean into that experience that you have. We ain’t getting older for no reason! Trust in yourself that you are prepared to handle what comes your way, because let’s face it – you are. 

And though you may not have experienced this exact thing before, your intuition will guide you to navigate it. When an answer isn’t obvious, that likely means because there is no wrong one. 

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