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We develop plain-language engaging policies and communication & training assets to help you embed integrity into your operations.

Effective by design, simply done.

Establishing effective compliance programs can be complex and resource-intensive. But it doesn’t have to be. At Oben Legal, we understand the challenges that Compliance Officers face. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of design services to help you create and implement simple, clear, and easy to understand compliance programs that are tailored to your company’s culture.

Policies & Procedures

We develop, and transform, your compliance program, building and re-imagining policies that address your organization’s specific needs to further promote a sustainable future for your company.

Training & Communications

We develop engaging trainings and communication initiatives for employees and leaders at all levels that generate productive company-wide discussions and facilitate a deeper understanding of complex topics.


We provide custom content, such as monthly newsletters, weekly articles, daily social media postings, and even one-off speeches, that will captivate, inspire, and educate your audience.



These three pillars embody the core of our Integrity by Design strategy and fuel our creative juices.

Our thoughtfully designed solutions weave your values, ethical standards, shared purpose, and strategic objectives into clear, coherent, and accessible content relevant to your teams.

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