Safeguarding Your Organization, Simplified

We understand that it’s tough to always watch for potential threats to your organization. That’s why we offer a thorough assessment of your internal controls to spot risks and create practical solutions. We also consistently monitor activities and carry out detailed investigations to keep your organization secure.


We conduct gap assessments to evaluate potential areas for improvement and implement mitigations to enhance your program, ensure integrity, and promote a positive risk culture.


We direct thorough investigations, analyzing the root cause of issues within your organization and collaborating with you to creatively problem-solve.


We complete timely, recurring monitoring of your internal controls and processes to ensure they enable your business to meet its policy objectives in the most efficient manner.



Periodic oversight is a critical source of insight for leaders who value opportunities for continuous improvement. Oben Legal’s diligent oversight solutions help you confirm the effectiveness of your programs and generate fresh insights for continuous ethics and performance improvement.

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