Wages Raise 11% For Truck Drivers Across the Nation

The Run-Down: After its annual salary survey, the American Trucking Association found average wages for truck drivers rose 11% from last year to almost $70k

  1. The increase in compensation can be cited to the economic inconsistencies that have plagued the U.S. ever since the pandemic
  2. Namely, the rush to restock inventories that were hit hard during the beginning of the pandemic and the need to import materials to restore production levels are the main reasons
  3. Bonuses and benefits have been offered as companies scramble to meet demands

Why You Should Care:

Trucking companies hired about 73,000 workers in the past year. Yes, you read that right. That’s an incredible number of new hires to hit any market, but especially one as vital as the trucking industry. A big boom in any industry is a sign of changing times.

You may be wondering… what does this have to do with compliance? But at Oben Legal, we don’t *just* focus on the basics of compliance. We recognize that ethics and integrity concepts actually impact every facet of life. Keeping your finger on the pulse in regards to economic and market changes is imperative for anyone that participates in the market, which we all do.

Understanding the highs and lows of this post-pandemic workforce is a challenge. It may seem unpredictable, and at times, unstable, and that’s because it is. But it’s also a reminder of the growth and transformation we all get to live in real-time. 

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