Four Day Work Week Gets Biggest Test in the U.K., Amidst Employees’ Calls for More Worklife Flexibility

The Run-Down: 3,300 workers are participating in a four day work week test that begins this week

  1. This test will include 70 businesses, ranging from banks to restaurants, to partake in a six-month study
  2. The study plans to investigate company revenue and employee productivity, work-life balance, and mental health
  3. This study follows a variety of smaller-scale tests that were run in a number of countries, all of which found employee output either remained the same or even increased

Why You Should Care:

Big changes are coming to every industry! We know the pandemic has had an impact on the market from top to bottom, and we’re still seeing the effects two years in. Employees are looking for that work-life balance now more than ever, and in fact, they’re demanding it. Studies like this are proof that the perks that come with a job are weighing out other factors that may not have been as relevant a few years ago. 

While we know some employers worry less working days means less output, studies have shown that this is not always the case. In fact, if employees are feeling less burnt out and more able to compartmentalize work and home life, they are able to bring more energy and positivity to the time they spend at work. So, we want to know- what do you all think of this proposition? Could a four-day work week become the new norm?

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