New CA Bill Requires Employers to List Salary on Job Listings

The Run-Down: A new California bill recently passed will mandate all businesses with more than 15 employees to include pay in job listings 

  1. The bill’s goal is to address gender pay gaps and provide more wage transparency across the board
  2. The bill will also require organizations to provide the state with the median and hourly pay rate by race, ethnicity and sex

Why You Should Care:

Times are changing (again)! We’ve been telling you, and telling you, and telling you….. that the workforce is transforming. Right before our eyes, we are seeing in real time the evolution of employment practices across the globe. 

Whether it be through public scrutiny or government regulation, we’ve seen many organizations across every industry updating their internal policies and consumer-facing practices. As we’ve said before, the workforce is changing – becoming more and more of an “employee market”. 

Employees are gaining more leverage, as the pandemic, social justice issues, and economic uncertainty has created a market where employees are getting more benefits, better pay, and a stronger work-life balance.

With this bill potentially passing, organizations would do themselves a favor by getting ahead of the curve and posting employment expectations before the government mandate. This will separate businesses from the pack – showing they honor their employees and are proud of what they can offer.

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