Professionals Are Getting Back to Networking in a Covid-Conscious World

The Run-Down: Employees are returning to in-person conferences after over 2 years of online-only networking

  1. As testing has become more accessible, vaccines are more widely available, mask mandates are being lifted, and travel restrictions are being loosened, white collar workers are increasingly looking forward to meeting up at in-person events
  2. Event planners are facing new challenges: reduced travel budgets, maximum occupancy limitations, and managing local and federal covid restrictions on top of whether to require covid testing results or vaccination status to attend events

Why You Should Care:

The push for in-person networking showcases an interesting mix of excitement and anxiety that many business people have felt, and continue to feel, over the past two years. On one hand, we all miss human connection and networking face to face with our colleagues. On the other hand, we all recognize the risks that come with large-scale events in an era of ever-changing and evolving rules, regulations, and mostly, safety protocols. 

But let’s welcome this change in tide. This is a sign that we are ready to continue building professional relationships, creating and taking more career opportunities, and partnering up to work towards a more sustainable future. This also provides a great opportunity to put an emphasis on ethical business decision making. Focusing on integrity and respect will allow your organization to host networking events in a constructive and responsible manner while still promoting collaboration and fun amongst your employees.

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