Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues are a Leading Priority for Organizations

The Run-Down: Businesses are investing more time, and money, into ESG efforts

  1. Navex, an integrated risk and compliance management software company, conducted a survey of 1,250 managers and senior executives across the U.S., U.K., and Europe on the importance of ESG in their companies
  2. Almost 50% of those surveyed said their focus on ESG measures has either stayed the same, or is actually increasing this year
  3. 55% of U.S. based respondents stated their company plans to increase ESG spending this year- showing that ESG policies are only becoming more important as time goes on

Why You Should Care:

As part of our effort to continue providing positive news this month, we wanted to highlight the growing ESG movement amongst corporations. As people in the compliance field, but even further, as people who care deeply for the society we are building, this is beyond exciting news! As we have discussed before, corporations can have a direct role in the way environmental and social issues are viewed, and ultimately treated, by consumers at large. In the same vein, consumers have a massive impact on how businesses acknowledge such issues. Knowing that organizations are using their resources to further ESG efforts is a sign that we are moving in the right direction.

This is inspiring news for every business. It serves as a reminder that your ethics and compliance efforts are paying off. Your dedication to integrity, corporate responsibility, and sustainability are, and will continue to be, recognized. This also serves as a friendly nudge for any business to step up its ESG efforts. Whether your organization is a multinational conglomerate or a local start up- don’t wait to make introduce comprehensive, forward-thinking, integrity-focused measures that will allow you to conduct business ethically and responsibly.

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