“Cryptocurrency Exchange, FTX, Collapses Leaving a Trail of Liability In Its Wake”

The Run-Down: The Bahamas-based, celebrity-backed, cryptocurrency exchange FTX collapsed after failures to maintain corporate control Why You Should Care: Another cryptocurrency company bites the dust. As we’ve seen, the crypto industry is facing major challenges as it grows and transforms. Under massive scrutiny from the SEC and DOJ, companies need to cross their T’s and […]

Bank Chief Executives Express Concern Over U.S. Economy

The Run-Down: Chief executives at some of the largest banks in the U.S. expressed worries regarding the risks of high inflation and rising interest rates at a House lawmaker hearing this week CEOs answered questions about new proposed federal regulations while also dodging following up on prior pushback to a potential new firearm code identifier […]

Organizational Trust & How to Build It

“Tuesday Tips” is Oben Legal’s weekly installment of leading advice that addresses a new, exciting topic each month. This month, we’re talking about Organizational Trust. And today — we’re giving you some quick tips on how you can build it at your organization, today!

Living Your Best Life Starts with Effective Communication Habits

Communication is a fundamental human expression. Which is why it is an essential element of every interaction, and why it’s the basis of design for all systems. Like most people, I’ve struggled with it greatly, and still do. I can’t tell you the number of personal interactions that have left me going “wtf” afterward. Or […]