Sports Betting Companies Face Backlash as They Advertise on College Campuses

The Run-Down: Caesars Entertainment Inc. has signed marketing deals with the Louisiana State University and Michigan State University athletics programs 

  1. The company plans to advertise in sports stadiums and venues and on broadcasting content

Why You Should Care:

We all know the influence media has on us, especially for the younger folks. And because of that, this announcement has a lot of people on edge – curious about what outcomes could come from this. As of late, gambling regulators are even considering introducing stricter rules about advertising to people younger than 21. 

Many are questioning why a sports betting company would be advertising to a group that is primarily younger than the legal demographic that can participate. Proponents argue that as the industry grows, companies have the right to increase their marketing and reach a wider variety of an audience. They argue that they are not advertising specifically to underaged people, but rather, using networks that garner a lot of attention as a means to appeal to the masses.

Marketers are being cautious with their content. A spokesperson has clarified none of the ads will feature LSU athletes and sponsorship ads will not be near student entrances or seating areas. 

However, skeptics are weary. Martin Lycka, senior VP for American Regulatory Affairs, believes students “may be tempted because of the exposure…” Well, as things unfold one thing is clear – the need for regulation, monitoring, overview, and stricter compliance adherence is going to be necessary.

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