Letter from the Editor: On Trust

“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth” – Santosh Kalwar. Trust, it’s an interesting concept. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you just know when it’s there – and especially when it’s not. 

It’s something that just exists. Within us, and sometimes, between us.

So, it’s basically imaginary. Which begs the question – should we even care about creating it?

Like, what’s the point? What does trust do for us when we can’t even hold it? Can’t point to it to prove its existence. We can say we have it, but how do we even know? How do we *prove* it?

The fact is – we can’t. And we never will. 

Trust is something we allow to grow, to blossom within ourselves, that we eventually branch out to others. This is no easy task, but a necessary one nonetheless. 

Maybe it seems strange, two lawyers who work in compliance writing an entire newsletter on trust. But to us, it makes perfect sense. That’s because we don’t just write for lawyers, or compliance officers, or CEOs. We write for everyone. 

And to do that, we talk about the things that matter. The things that impact our everyday lives, going beyond business, beyond money, to really talk about what makes us human. 

That’s why we knew for our second edition we had to dig deep. We wanted to explore the ways in which trust impacts our lives. How does it affect our sense of self, the relationships we develop, and the communities we create? 

So, let your guard down, join us in this conversation, and trust the process.

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