Survey Reveals Workers Prioritize Flexible Schedules Over Working from Home

The Run-Down: A survey conducted of over 10,000 workers found 95% of those surveyed want flexible hours over other work incentives

  1. The survey also found that 78% of workers who want location flexibility
  2. These preferences are in opposition with employers growing worries of structuring fair pay and raises in a hybrid landscape 
  3. Most noticeably, the survey also found that 72% of workers who weren’t happy with their level of flexibility were likely to seek out new employment opportunities

Why You Should Care:

Times are changing. We’ve said it before and we’ll likely be saying it again- the workforce is evolving at a rapid rate. Employees are gaining more power through the wide variety of accessible, remote opportunities being presented to them. As the results of the survey pointed out, employees are more likely now more than ever to leave opportunities they feel are not meeting their interests. The pandemic has shifted everyone’s priorities, and many workers have found that a work-life balance is crucial. Sheela Subramanian, vice president of the Future Forum, says,

“It really needs to be a shift from presenteeism and activity tracking to actually understanding the results that people are driving and the value that they’re creating.” 

As an employer, this should serve as a reminder that in order to build a successful business, you must be investing in your employees. Connect with your employees and find out what they value the most within their jobs. Rather than having an evolving set of employees each quarter, take the time to create a collaborative workplace environment where employees’ needs are aligned with the bottom line being met.

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