New York Attorney General States Airlines Should be Fined for Excessive Delays

The Run-Down: NY AG Letitia James calls on the federal government to use its power to punish airlines for poor performance 

  1. Lawmakers are specifically putting pressure on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to make some moves
  2. James is pushing for investigations that could lead to fines if results show airlines knowingly booked fights with staffing concerns

Why You Should Care:

The dreaded text: “Flight 862 to Miami has been delayed”. We’ve all been there before and we know it’s the worst way to start a vacation. Being at the mercy of an airline that’s oversold tickets, over-promised expected flight times, and under-delivered on everything can cause stress, anxiety, and force passengers to miss important events or spend extra money to combat airline missteps.

Lately, flight delays or flat-out cancellations are at an all-time high. TSA wait times are rounding out at 4 hours in some locations. Traveling is becoming an even bigger headache than it may be worth.

Lawmakers know we’re fed up. Honestly, they themselves are fed up, too. They argue- it’s one thing to be delaying or canceling flights because of last-minute issues. But it’s a whole other problem, and potentially a legal mishap, to deliberately sell tickets to flights airlines know in advance will have to be delayed or canceled.

It seems airlines are writing a check their mouths can’t cash. And we’re all catching on. This latest push from James is proof that regulation, compliance, and outright customer service are values that still matter.

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