Guinness is ‘Brewing Good’ With New Sustainability Program

The Run-Down: Irish brewery company, Guinness, is launching a new regenerative agricultural program to create an even more sustainable future

  1. Guinness has already partnered with 40 Irish farms to work with the natural environment to reduce the carbon emissions of its barley production
  2. Through this plan, Guinness aims to improve the health of the soil they use to grow barley while also limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers, which can harm the environment and contaminate plant life and local water supplies, and improving water quality
  3. Guinness will work directly with local Irish farmers, sharing the results of the pilot program so that other farms can adopt such practices, should they be successful 

Why You Should Care:

During a time when tensions are high across the world, we wanted to bring some positive news to your feed this week. Guinness’ new program is an exciting look at what good companies can do when they merge their business goals with sustainability efforts. As we’ve discussed before, corporations are feeling the pressures of social responsibility. But rather than crumble under it, Guinness is a great representation of an organization embracing the power they hold. As one of the leading brewery brands, Guinness is using that notoriety to leverage their social power, developing an environmental plan that can create a positive impact outside of selling alcoholic products. 

This is encouraging news, as Guinness exemplifies the ways in which we can use our businesses to create a more sustainable future for all. While social, economic, and environmental worries plague every business, Guinness reminds us that when we prioritize positive corporate practices, we can transform the world at large.  

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