DOJ Plans to Bring in Tools Used For Gang Activity Busting to Address White Collar Crime

The Run-Down: Kenneth Polite, the DOJ’s Criminal Divison Chief, will bring his prosecutorial experience to put a focus on prevention, rather than correction, of white collar crime

  1. Prosecutors handling gang and gun violence have used community outreach and youth mentorship programs to prevent crime before it happens
  2. Polite looks to put more energy into corporate crime prevention, through similar methods, such as encouraging organizations that aren’t strictly required to have a compliance program to invest in one

Why You Should Care:

This is the perfect example of innovation! Not only is it exciting to see this level of transformative thinking in the federal space, but it’s also informative. News like this allows organizations to get a better understanding of what to expect from federal, and even state, regulators. 

A focus on prevention provides corporations like yours a chance to get ahead of the curve. Knowing what expectations and standards have been set ahead of time allows you to more effectively prepare for the future. All of our goals is to develop a successful organization that grows with us. There’s no easier way to do that than keeping your finger on the pulse and transforming with those around you.  

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