Timely and effective advice when you need it…
and for when you think you don’t

Staying ahead of our constantly changing business and regulatory landscape has never been tougher. Whether in crisis or in need of specific expertise, we partner with you to offer guidance that helps you navigate the complexity of today’s dynamic environment – all while keeping a sharp eye on cost and quality.


We provide contemporary strategic guidance and industry best practices to empower leaders to act confidently and adapt to evolving needs.


We examine general and specific issues and provide expert recommendations that address problems at the source before they grow.

Crisis Management

We provide clear and concise top-quality insight while prioritizing a quick turnaround to minimize a crisis and alleviate the stresses on your team.

Our Thought Lab

Discern. Determine. Drive.

Beyond mere compliance with laws, modern leaders in today’s turbulent and hyper-competitive market recognize that they must influence behavior that is ethical, socially responsible, and democratized. With a holistic perspective, our multidisciplinary approach empowers your team to properly address conduct and culture risks from various angles and at different levels.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

A Blueprint for Sustainable Integrity-led Culture Transformation

Pioneered a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary Center of Excellence within a global Ethics & Integrity Program that integrated behavioral change considerations into the design of the E&C Program to create true cultural transformation.

Established a comprehensive Global Ethics Advisory to meet anti-bribery challenges

Enabled multinational organizations’ Middle East & Africa-based teams to effectively navigate complex, regionally specific anti-corruption challenges, all while introducing a re-imagined company-wide ethical advisory function to drive global consistency.

After Action Guidance on Sensitive Engagements and High Risk Interactions

Reacted quickly to assess risk level of last minute engagement and provided clear, concise recommendations that describe how to best move forward to limit regulatory exposure. Documented our analysis of the situation presented and conclusion in memo format to preserve attorney-client privilege.

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