We do the work when you're too busy to

We know how stressful it can be to have to constantly look out for risks that may impact your organization at any time. We provide an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s internal controls, which allows us to identify risks and develop measurable action plans, while also providing consistent activity monitoring, and conducting comprehensive investigations.


We conduct gap assessments to evaluate potential areas for improvement and implement mitigations to enhance your program, ensure integrity, and promote a positive risk culture.


We direct thorough investigations, analyzing the root cause of issues within your organization and collaborating with you to creatively problem-solve.


We complete timely, recurring monitoring of your internal controls and processes to ensure they enable your business to meet its policy objectives in the most efficient manner.

Oversight Re-imagined

Enhance. Effective. Efficient.

Independent and periodic oversight is an essential source of feedback for leaders who value opportunities for continuous improvement. Oben Legal’s diligent oversight solutions help you confirm whether standards are being met,  and bring fresh insights to consider for continuous integrity and performance improvement.  

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Uncovered gaps in control environment that enabled more robust risk controls and mitigations

Assessed control environment of multinational financial services company to identify gaps in current processes and procedures. Provided key insights and recommendations that highlighted areas for improvement, and suggestions for implementation.

Fostering a culture of learning and improvement through a sound accountability framework

Managed end-to-end investigations of internal misconduct reports and developed a modern consequence management framework that centered on accountability, transparency, and providing learning opportunities for employees.

Established monitoring protocols to comply with FTC regulations and prevent violations

Created a social media monitoring program that provided daily, high quality reviews of the client’s social media activity to ensure not only that FTC requirements are being met, but that internal controls are adequately designed.

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